Friday, October 19, 2007


My friend Kris over at Stamping for Sanity tagged me. I totally flaked out on the last round of tagging that circulated because we were in the midst of buying and selling houses. And while we are not all unpacked (I have not even seen my stamp stuff yet) we are in one place for now. That and the fact that this tag is a little different has spurred me to post a little walk down memory lane.

I will answer the question: What was I doing 10/20/30 years ago…Then, you answer this question on your blog or here in the comments section. Tag as many other bloggers as possible & have them link back to Relevant Blog (Mary DeMuth) who started this little social experiment! I went and looked at her blog and there is an additional question listed. So Kris go back and answer the last question!

Here are my answers:

10 years ago (1997): I was 24 years old. This was exactly one year before I met my wonderful Husband! I was still dating that Boy who I should have ran screaming from much sooner than I did. I was working for the Makita Corporation of America. I was unmarried and childless and had not yet accepted Jesus as my savior so I was doing lots of stuff that I should have never been doing

20 years ago (1987): I was 14, about to be 15. I was a freshman in high school. I cannot find my yearbooks because they are all packed up so I cannot remember what school I was at. I changed a lot around this time in my life. But I am fairly certain I was at Towers HS in DeKalb County GA. We had just moved to GA from Texas. I hated my mom for moving us and was being generally rebellious.

30 years ago (1977): I was 4 years old about to be 5, I do not remember a lot from my early childhood, but I do know I was living in Texas and I had a baby brother named Danny. My youngest brother was not yet on the way.

Additional question: What do you see yourself doing ten years from now? (2017) Ten years from now I will be in the middle of the teenage years with my two oldest and my youngest will be 11. I will have an additional child, a girl I hope. And she will be around 8 or younger. We will still be debt free and I will be making mucho bucks using all my wonderful crafting genius! (Oh my, I think JanTink rubbed off on me there a little. Maybe I should wait to read her blog until after I post from now on LOL !)

I'm going to tag so new (to me) blogs I have been reading lately...

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Doris said...

Hope you find your stamping stuff soon! Stamping withdrawal is a very serious syndrome curable only with ink and paper...