Saturday, April 21, 2007


Kirsten over at Confessions of a Naptime Stamper tagged me TWICE! Once so that I can list my top 5 blogs and once to tell you 10 weird things about me. Most everyone has been tagged already so I am listing some blogs that I frequent that you may not have seen yet.

Belinda's Stamping Space

Inking Aloud

Kim's Basement Stamping

Stamping 101

Paula Ponders

And 10 weird things about me... well, weird is a strong word but I will play anyways.

1. I am a big crybaby! I even cry at commercials.
2. I only knew my husband for a month when we got engaged.
3. I only knew him 3 months when we got married.
4. I cannot stand for people to touch my belly button.
5. I love Disney music.
6. I am a very organized person, but my stamp room is a disaster.
7. When putting things in alphabetical order I often think in Spanish.
8. When packing up my house I assigned each room a color ( living room = green, kitchen = yellow etc.) and then put that color tape on the outside of the box.
9. I describe colors using Stampin' Up! names. Like, " she was wearing a Ballet Blue Shirt and a Pretty in Pink necklace."
10. I did not want kids when I was growing up. Now I have 3 and plan to homeschool them all.


Mrs Adept said...

I homeschool. :) When I was growing up I thought that I'd become a teacher.

Kirsten said...

Nope, you're not too weird at all! :) I do that too with the SU! colors! I've thought about the homeschooling, and I still might, but right now we're planning on sending him to our church school. Hugs!

Heather Leech said...

I thought I was the only one!! I met my husband Jan. 26th, were engaged on Feb. 12th and married Sept. 29th all in 1990...and I've never regretted it one minute!!
Too funny!!
Heather L.